2nd meetup of Women in Agile-Raleigh

WiA Raleigh Meet-up: The Big Secret About Great Teams

WiA Meet-up: The Big Secret About Great Teams

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019, 5:45 PM

940 Main Campus Dr
940 Main Campus Dr Raleigh, NC

34 Members Attending

Join us in an interactive, immersive learning experience! Often, great teams are fun to be on. Work does not have to mean tension, stress, and headaches. Think about it. When were you last highly productive, clear-minded, creative, and feeling positive about yourself and teammates? Probably, it was when you were on a great team. We now know the sec…

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For Raleigh-area folks interested in agile: the second meeting of our new Women In Agile chapter will be on August 22 after work at the ABB Corporate Research offices on NCSU Centennial Campus. All genders welcome – I hope to see you there! Capacity is limited to 50, and 34 seats are already taken, so get your RSVP in soon.

Thanks to David J Gentry, Lori Kikuchi, and Christine Babowicz for their hard work in organizing the meetup!

#womeninagile #diversityandinclusion #agile #teams #trust


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