SEPG NA 2010 wrap-up

Here’s the summary I promised on my experiences at SEPG North America 2010. Overall: great people and many good discussions on agile, CMMI, measurements, and practical real-world improvement.

Some related web references:

By the numbers (of course!): According to Anita Carleton at the Tuesday opening, nearly 800 people attended, of whom 250 were newbies, and 125 were from overseas (furthest: from Nanjing). One thing that was not clear: how many people actually attended all four days of the conference?

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on requirements metrics

This morning I gave our SEPG NA 2010 presentation on requirements engineering metrics. It went well, and I got some great comments immediately afterward from some front-row participants, including one who said it was the most useful and practical presentation he’d heard all week! That made my day.

A PDF of the updated slides I delivered can be downloaded from the website publications area. Comments are welcome, here or on the agileteams blog or Twitter!