Welcome (again)

If this is your first time on our agileteams blog here on wordpress.com, welcome! (You may have been automatically redirected here from agileteams.com or agileteams.se. If so, yes you are in the right place!)

We are in the midst of a migration of our old self-hosted WordPress blog to wordpress.com. Eventually, our relatively-static page content may move here as well. We’re glad you are here, and we invite you to look around and comment – feedback and engagement on the topics we at Agile Teams care about is always welcome.


We’ve been running a self-hosted WordPress blog for quite a while now on agileteams.com. This one is being created to investigate possible migration of our blog home to wordpress.com, to:

  • make it easier for more collaborators to join in the discussions, and
  • reduce WP admin work for the volunteer webmistress (me)

Looking forward to chatting with you all!