This page lists papers by Agile Teams collaborators who have published or presented in conferences, journals, or user group meetings. We share our papers via:

  • PDFs, for publications which allow authors to retain distribution privileges (links are gradually being added from the original Publications page).
  • links to sources from which the papers can be obtained, with DOIs if
  • available, for other publications.

If you’d like to read an Agile Teams paper which is not directly downloadable, post a comment here or drop us a note. Comments and inquiries are welcome and encouraged!

Presenters’ names are in italics. A colleague’s name at the end in (parentheses)  indicates a person who kindly presented the paper on behalf of one or more authors, but did not directly collaborate on creating this particular work.


  • June 19-21, 2019: IEEE International Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC’19), Industry Panel on Women In Engineering, Karen Smiley (invited panelist)
  • June 2019:Managing Asset Performance with Connected Analytics for Solar“, Karen Smiley, Xiao Qu, Travis Galoppo, K. Eric Harper, Alok Kucheria, Mithun P. Acharya, Frank Tarzanin. To appear in a forthcoming Special Issue of ABB Review on simulation and digital twins.



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