day 2 at ICGSE 2010

ICGSE 2010 will open today with a keynote by Len Bass of the SEI architecture team, titled “Speculation on Coordination Models”, and will close with a technology panel including Len on “Impact of Future Communication Technology on GSD”. I’m definitely looking forward to both.

In between, the schedule holds a single track of sessions on:

  • Tools I: Support and Use
  • Processes and Practices
  • Management Environments I

Yesterday afternoon’s agile GSD tutorial was interesting and offered a nice preview of Erran Carmel’s forthcoming book, as well as a review of Yael Dubinsky’s HOT framework (humans, organizations, technology). However, I was a little disappointed that more time wasn’t spent on the GSD challenges of implementing specific agile practices. (It could have easily been a full-day session.)

While waiting for the keynote session to start, I enjoyed a good chat with Darja Smite of BTH, who gave yesterday’s REMIDI talk. It turns out that we have similar views on measurement in GSD, as well as knowing some mutual friends/colleagues in Sweden!


SEPG NA 2010 wrap-up

Here’s the summary I promised on my experiences at SEPG North America 2010. Overall: great people and many good discussions on agile, CMMI, measurements, and practical real-world improvement.

Some related web references:

By the numbers (of course!): According to Anita Carleton at the Tuesday opening, nearly 800 people attended, of whom 250 were newbies, and 125 were from overseas (furthest: from Nanjing). One thing that was not clear: how many people actually attended all four days of the conference?

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